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Safe Place advocates for appropriate housing because every member of our community needs a safe place to live.

Our current projects

Safe Place is working in a number of areas to help improve the availability of social and affordable housing. You are welcome to get in touch if you would like to work with us on any of these projects.

– Advocacy with Hepburn Shire Council around the Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan

– Advocacy to increase the number of small rental units (secondary dwellings) on homeowners’ blocks

– Advocacy to identify and encourage long term rental of ‘idle homes’ – homes that appear to be unused for a long time

– Exploring the needs of young people for housing here

– Advocacy to encourage various forms of home sharing, whether through taking in a lodger, redesigning a home to enable a private unit, and other arrangements

– Advocacy to identify potential land sites owned by Council, the Crown or other Government agencies (such as VicTrack) that might be used for housing

– Advocacy to encourage owners of homes used for short term accommodation to convert these to long term rental, especially to address the shortage of homes for staff for local businesses and organisations

– Collaboration with Community Housing Provider Haven Home Safe to develop new homes for older women in Creswick